steps2change becomes NHS Lincolnshire Talking Therapies

Published on: 1st June 2023

A free NHS talking therapies service that has helped thousands of people with mental health conditions in Lincolnshire has been given a new name.

Steps2change, a service offered by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, will now be known as NHS Lincolnshire Talking Therapies following a national rebrand of talking therapy services across the country.

With the tagline ‘for anxiety and depression’, the new name hopes to make it easier for people to understand what help and support the service offers and be consistent with similar services across the country.

The only change people will see will be the new name and patients already accessing the service will not experience any difference to the care they are receiving.

How people access the service will also remain unchanged, meaning anyone aged 16 and over and experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression and stress can be referred to the service through their GP, or they can self-refer on the Lincolnshire Talking Therapies website.

Claire Hancox, Service Manager for NHS Lincolnshire Talking Therapies, said:

“The rebrand is part of a national decision that will see all Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services in the country adopting the NHS Talking Therapies name.

“We may have a new name but it will be business as usual as we look to help people in Lincolnshire experiencing common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, through talking therapy, as well as providing employment advice to assist people to return to work.”

It is quick and easy to refer to NHS Lincolnshire Talking Therapies to access support.

People in the county can refer themselves online by visiting  by calling 0303 123 4000, or by being referred through their GP.