Mindfulness group

The mindfulness group aims to teach skills which will enable you to cope with problems which keep returning. It is a different approach to treating depression, anxiety and stress. The group uses meditation as the method to bring about change.

To be eligible for this group, you must have completed a ‘Step 3’ treatment and experienced three or more episodes of depression. 

The mindfulness group program is eight weeks long. It teaches meditation and encourages you to use it as a way of dealing with your problems. The classes and homework can teach you how to be more present in life. This makes life more interesting, vivid and fulfilling, but it can be difficult. 

You will find that acknowledging difficulties is the most effective way, in the long run, to reduce unhappiness. It is central to preventing further depression and relapsing emotional problems. Seeing unpleasant feelings, thoughts or experiences clearly as they arise means that you can deal with them early before they become more persistent. 

Listen to steps2change mindfulness relaxation sequences on SoundCloud.

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