Overcoming worry

Worry and anxiety are completely normal. It is natural for how much we worry to fluctuate. This is often based on what is happening in our lives and it can help us to solve problems. When worry and anxiety become excessive, they can start to impact on different areas of your life. It can become overwhelming or consuming. People often feel like they can’t switch off their worries and this can cause tension, headaches and poor sleep. This can leave people feeling stuck in a vicious cycle.

Research shows that a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) approach is the most effective way to help overcome problems with excessive worry. This course will help you to learn new techniques to break the cycle.

During the course you will learn:

  • About the CBT approach, what worry is and the cycle of worry.
  • The different types of worry.
  • How to deal with these different types of worry.
  • How to change unhelpful behaviours which may be maintaining the cycle.
  • How to improve sleep.
  • How to plan for staying well in the future to maintain progress.

The course takes place over four weeks and sessions are held online. On the fifth week, your therapist will speak to you to review how you have found the course and whether you need any further help.

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