voice2change is a patient involvement group run by Lincolnshire Talking Therapies. It is not a support or self-help group.

Many current and former service users want to be involved in shaping the service. Patient involvement is at the centre of our values. The group offers meaningful opportunities for improving how we deliver talking therapies.

We have an online group which covers the entire county. It is held every two months. 

The role of voice2change members

  • Suggesting ideas for new ways of working
  • Positively influencing and changing service delivery
  • Reviewing new ideas
  • Helping to recruit new staff

Feedback from voice2change members

“It’s our chance to give something back.”

“We want to support Lincolnshire Talking Therapies and help the service to continue the good work.”

“It’s not about me. It’s about helping the service to help other people.”

Help shape and develop our service

If you want to be a part of voice2change and help shape and develop our service, please contact us. Send an email to lpft.voice2change@nhs.net or lpft.involvement@nhs.net. Write 'voice2change' in the subject heading box.

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For more information, please email lpft.voice2change@nhs.net