Service user stories

We value feedback from service users so that we can improve our services. 

We would like to share the below inspirational recovery stories from David and Kaida.

Please note the videos were filmed and published under Lincolnshire Talking Therapies' old name, steps2change.

David’s story

We asked David about what brought him to the service, how he accessed the service, what therapy was like, and how it has helped to improve his quality of life. 

David started therapy after being involved in an accident. He was struggling with flashbacks, fear of traffic, sleep, mood and relationships. David went to his GP to refer to the service and had regular sessions with the service to talk about how he was feeling and start to re-build his confidence.

Over time, David could see drastic improvements and started to feel more like himself. Whilst the process was challenging, he worked hard to reframe his thoughts and started going out, talking more and enjoying the activities that he used to.

David said:

“Life has its ups and downs but we’re giving you little strategies to cope with that.”

“Asking for help is your first big step forward. It’s not going to be easy. You have to really want to engage with the service and acknowledge your illness.”

“The big thing I would stay about Lincolnshire Talking Therapies is believe in it and give it time.”

“Lincolnshire Talking Therapies saved my life on two occasions.”

Kaida’s story

When Kaida started accessing support with the service, she was feeling very depressed and isolated due to her physical disability. She had very low self-esteem and wanted to deal with issues in her past.

By talking in her sessions and putting effort into ‘homework’, Kaida committed to finishing therapy. Her mood and confidence has grown. She feels like she can ask for help when she needs it and start to enjoy life with her son.

“You are never alone fighting your own battles. It is that point when you are feeling your lowest and are in therapy, that you need to carry on because that will be your turning point”.

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Service user feedback

"I honestly can't thank this team enough. My therapist has been amazing. I never thought I would be in a place where I'm excited for the future. I feel strong and positive, so this has changed a lot for me."

"The service has helped me enormously. I will leave with valuable guidance for the future."

"From the moment I came to Lincolnshire Talking Therapies I felt respected and valued as a person. The whole experience has been life changing."